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How to make full spectrum CBD oil homemade

Make high quality full spectrum CBD oil easily! With a couple ingredients will show you how to make the best full spectrum CBD oil at home.
Total Time6 hrs
Yield: 3 1,000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures
Author: Jason Beverly


  • Ardent Nova Decarboxylator
  • Glass Jars
  • Cheesecloth
  • Tincture Bottles


  • 1/2 oz Berkshire CBD Hemp Flower - Bubba Kush choose any strain you'd like
  • 3.5 oz MCT Oil


  • Break down CBD flower into small pieces removing all stems
    bubba kush cbd flower strain by Berkshire CBD
  • Place the broken-down buds into the Ardent Nova silver cylinder. Run full cycle. Red light indicates cycle is in progress.
    cbd flower in ardent nova
  • Green light indicates cycle is complete. Remove cap and let cool for 20 min.
    Ardent Nova cooling off
  • Stir CBD flower in cylinder with spoon. Place cap back on and run for another cycle. CBD must undergo two cycles in Ardent Nova.
    stirring decarbed cbd flower in Ardent Nova
  • When light turns green, remove the cap and let cool for another 20 min. The CBD bud will now be a brownish color.
    Showing decarbed CBD flower in Ardent Nova Steel container
  • Make small cuts in the Ardent Nova purple rubber cap. This will allow us the jar to fit into the Ardent Nova.
    ardent nova purple cap
  • Move decarbed CBD flower from the cylinder to the glass jar.
    Transfer decarbed CBD bud to 8oz glass jar
  • Add 3.5 oz of MCT oil into glass jar with CBD flower. Stir the oil and bud together to ensure all bud is submerged.
    measure out mct oil to place in jar
  • Place jar into Ardent Nova. Add purple rubber insert and secure black plastic cap. Run for a one full cycle.
    place glass jar with mct oil and cbd flower into ardent nova
  • When cycle is complete, let the device cool for 20 min. Remove the jar from the Ardent Nova.
    place rubber cap on ardent nova
  • Cut a 12in by 12in square of cheesecloth. Get another 8 oz jar ready.
    cheesecloth laid out on counter to be placed over jar
  • Place folded cheesecloth over the top of the jar containing the CBD flower and oil.
    prepare jar with cheesecloth over top
  • Flip over the jar quickly, allowing the oil to filter into the empty jar. Keep in this state for about 60 seconds until liquid flow has slowed.
    flip jar with cheesecloth over it
  • Remove top jar and let the CBD flower plant matter sit in the cheesecloth.
    cbd bud in cheesecloth ready to strain
  • Wring out the rest of the oil to maximize oil amount.
    man wringing out cbd oil in cheesecloth
  • After complete, you now have full spectrum CBD oil in a jar.
    full spectrum cbd oil in a glass jar
  • Transfer CBD oil to a tincture bottle. This makes it easier to measure dosing.
    place funnel in tincture bottle
  • Pour CBD oil into funnel until the tincture is full.
    filling tincture bottle with raw full spectrum cbd oil
  • Use the tincture dropper to dose full spectrum CBD oil.
    Man squeezing dropper of full spectrum cbd oil made homemade