Author: Jason Beverly

CBD flower is the fastest growing segment in the booming hemp industry. And CBD flower is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume CBD. The most common way to use CBD flower (hemp) is by smoking it, just like you would with cannabis. The idea of smoking hemp or cannabis is nothing new and it’s a process that dates back thousands of years. But dry herb vaporizing on the other hand, is a relatively new concept which has only been around for 30 years or so.

dry herb vaping device surrounded by cbd flower buds

Dry herb vaping is a prime example of industry innovation. Humans took an effective concept (smoking) and made it even better (dry herb vaping). In this article, we’ll explain why we believe that dry herb vaporizers are here to stay and the best dry herb vaping devices to get you started.

What are dry herbs vaporizers?

Dry herb vaporizers are devices that are made to heat up cannabis or hemp just enough in order to create a vapor. This vapor contains cannabinoids (CBD and others) and terpenes which naturally exist in the plant. Dry herb vaporizers should never get hot enough to combust, or burn, the plant material. After a person inhales the vapor, they will quickly feel the effects.


What’s the difference between smoking or vaping CBD flower?

The main difference between smoking or vaping CBD flower is that smoking causes the plant to burn or combust, which in return produces unwanted carcinogens. Vaping CBD flower is the process of heating the dry CBD flower just enough to produce a gas or vapor which contains the desired cannabinoids such as CBD.

Vaping is using convection or conduction which is a process of using indirect heat to warm the flower. This results in a cannabinoid-infused vapor which is relatively pleasant to inhale compared to smoke.

Another major difference between smoking and vaping is the end result. When you smoke CBD flower, you’re left with ash. When you vape CBD flower, you’re left with slightly browned, but not burnt, CBD flower. This end result is also known as, ABV (already been vaped) flower.

Pro Tip – ABV flower still contains leftover CBD and can be eaten, added to edibles, or to make a tincture.

What are the best dry herb vaporizers?

1. Fury 2 by Healthy Rips

  • Price: Low
  • Bowl Size: 0.15 g
  • Heat Time: 20 sec.
  • Best Used For: Portable, dependable and perfect for beginners looking to get started with dry herb vaping.

2. Pax 3

  • Price: Mid
  • Bowl Size: 0.50 g
  • Heat Time: 15 sec.
  • Best Used For: Pax 3 is our runner up for CBD flower vapes. It's sleek design makes it ultra portable, but it still packs a powerful punch.

3. DynaVap M

  • Price: Low
  • Bowl Size: 0.10 g
  • Heat Time: 5 - 10 sec.
  • Best Used For: Great for people that don't want to worry about battery life as it's heated with a lighter. The DynaVap Vaporizer is quick, efficient and unique.

4. Mighty Vaporizer

  • Price: High
  • Bowl Size: 0.30 g
  • Heat Time: 1 -2 min.
  • Best Used For: First class vaporizer with little to no learning curve. If you want the best vaporizer on the market, look no further than Mighty.

5. DaVinci Miqro

  • Price: Low
  • Bowl Size: 0.15 g
  • Heat Time: 10 - 20 sec.
  • Best Used For: It may be the smallest portable dry herb vaporizer around. Perfect for people looking to be discreet. Most people wouldn't even know this is a vaping device.

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